You’re probably reading this because you’ve not got a great track record with the girls. I understand, because I’ve been there. I love women, but for years, I could not get them to be remotely interested in me. Then I decided to do something about it and went about a little private research project. I read some pretty cool books on the subject and I spoke to my more successful buddies and gathered all the tips I could – and I am happy to report that they work incredibly well. Best of all, it is mostly just common sense. I just never really thought about it properly before. I now truly believe that any man can become irresistible to women if he just thinks about the following things:

Body language

Women are amazing when it comes to reading body language. I used to slouch and I had a terrible habit of looking down at the ground when I walked, but I may as well have had a sticker on my head saying ‘I have absolutely no confidence’. So my advice is, think about how you walk. Straighten up your posture, keep your shoulders well back and chest slightly out. Hold your head up high and look ahead as you move. All of this tells girls that you are self-confident – which is absolutely key when it comes to being attractive to women.


When you start a conversation with a girl, make eye contact with her and as tempting as it might be, don’t let your eyes wander to her breasts – it will instantly turn her off. Instead, listen to what she is saying and show interest in the conversation even if you don’t care what she is saying. Key to pulling women is the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask her questions to get the conversation going, like what she does for a job, or what music or movies she likes.


You should always look your best. I don’t mean you have to dress in designer clothes or pump iron at the gym every day. Just make sure you’re always well groomed by keeping your teeth clean and white, having fresh breath, shaving, showering and using deodorant. Make sure your clothes are clean, reasonably fashionable and pressed. I could never be bothered with pressing my clothes and my friends continually told me I looked like I’d just got out of bed. I just laughed it off but I should have taken notice earlier. And try to wear shoes that match your outfit: women always notice shoes, so make sure that they are clean and not too scruffy. And don’t ever wear business shoes with jeans – you will look like a dork.


This is not about bragging or being too sure of yourself. That’s a mistake I made time and time again.   I’d end up talking about my new car, thinking the girls would be impressed. It’s one of the worst things I could have done. It’s a fact that women love guys who are confident, but in a calm and relaxed way. It is also important to retain an air of mystery about yourself: don’t put all your cards on the table within five minutes of meeting a girl.

So there you have it. All pretty simple stuff, right? If you have been making mistakes like I was, I guarantee you that you can turn it around. None of the above is asking you to change who you are, just to put a little thought into the way you look and behave. Keep all of this in mind and I promise, you will soon be the envy of all your friends!

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