CR James, author and founder of Super Seduction Power is an electrical engineer by trade, but his secret for arousing the women in your relationships is anything but complicated science. James admits that he never had a problem meeting women or even forming relationships, but once committed, he noticed that these women began to lose interest in sex, virtually killing off the excitement he so desperately craved. He felt like he was always begging for sex, and when it did happen, it lacked the quality he was expecting.

Confused by this phenomena he started changing some things around, and according to him, «accidentally discovered the sure-fire formula for seducing and arousing women.»

Years have passed now since his discovery, and his secret has stood the test of time, helping thousands upon thousands of men who have put his formula to use with amazing results.

Super Seduction Power is not your run of the mill, «how to attract women» hogwash which fills countless bookshelves and online pickup sites. It is a precise formula which will explain to you the real reasons why you may be having problems sexually attracting the women in your relationship.

According to James, it can all be broken down like this: Just because your mate consistently turns you down for sex, it does not necessarily mean that she dislikes you or that she has an aversion to sex. More than likely the problem lies in one of three reasons that this course so expertly addresses:

Your sexual value is low
You didn’t properly build the sexual tension
A combination of the two

Super Seduction Power solves the riddle of how to raise your sexual value and create the proper tension for a fiery sexual relationship. In it you’ll find that raising your sexual value is not a matter of visually appealing to your partner, but rather a process of learning how to stimulate her on a psychological level.

Here are just a few things the program teaches:

A 5-step blueprint for getting your woman aroused

The 7-deadly anti-seductive traits

How to turn your woman into a «nympho» overnight

The 8 states of mind in which women are aroused to sex

How to stop asking for sex and begin getting asked instead

Boasting thousands of testimonials from real people who have achieved real results, Super Seduction Power is a breakthrough program for anyone wishing to spark their relationship and keep it perpetually lit. In no time at all you can install that «sexual itch» you want to see in your mate and keep her coming back for more.