Have you ever felt that despair of being attracted to a girl who seemed to feel nothing for you? Or have you ever dated a great girl and watched her interest in you ebb away until she ended things? Or perhaps you’ve developed feelings for a female friend, then confessed your true feelings, only for her crush your hopes with the fatal words «I just want to be friends»? Or maybe you’ve seen some average guys with really beautiful women and you just don’t get it? Do you want some attracting women tips?

If you answered «yes» to any of the above, then you are absolutely not alone! These are questions which thousands of men all over the world ask themselves daily. It is because they just don’t understand the powerful emotion of attraction and most importantly, how to trigger it in women which they desire.

Attraction is probably the most important emotion to conquer, if you want to be truly successful with women and dating. If you can master even just a couple of the following strategies, then you have significantly boosted your chances of success in attracting women.

#1: Be confident

Confidence is at the very core of attraction. If you don’t know how to be confident, then quite honestly, your chances of getting the girl you want are minimal. When most guys talk to a woman they are attracted to, nerves set in due to fear of rejection. Their eyes wander, their speech becomes weak and they develop nervous habits, like fidgeting or scratching. There are some very simple steps you can take to improve the signals you send out about your confidence. Make really strong eye contact. It says that you’re a confident guy and it helps to create a bond between you and the girl, too. Once things are going well with a girl and her body language is looking positive, you can even start lightly touching her whilst you’re talking and looking into her eyes.

#2: Don’t be Mr Average

Average guys are everywhere, and they don’t get noticed. However, don’t think this is just about looks – it’s not. It’s about being different. Think about what your strengths are, and let her know about them (subtly, of course). Have you got a great personality, or a secret talent? If so, let it naturally shine. Or maybe you dress a little differently? Whatever it is, make yourself more attractive by being a true individual.

#3: Never put her on a pedestal

Guys who are successful with women and dating aren’t in awe when they see a beautiful woman: the seasoned dating professional knows that it’s not all about the looks. Beautiful women notice when they are not being put on a pedestal and it is refreshing for them. They subconsciously think that this guy must have a lot of options – and he also presents them with a challenge: he might actually be hard to get. So if you want to attract women, try not to be blinded by their beauty.

#4: Challenge her

You can take the concept of aloofness one step further and be a real challenge a beautiful girl. Not only are you unfazed by her beauty and paying her little attention, but for a really brave move, you can tease her a little. Make playful remarks that make fun of her – gently. This is the exact opposite of what 99% of all other guys would do, and chances are, she will like it. It will also throw her into a state of confusion, as she won’t be sure whether or not you like her and if you follow the other tips on attraction correctly, she will try and win you over, making the pursuer the pursued – perfect!

#5: Be Mr Popular

We naturally feel drawn to things which have a perceived high value; things which are in hot demand.   It’s no different in the dating game. If a girl sees that you are popular – particularly with other women – then her attraction for you will automatically increase. If you don’t have many female friends, just start up lots of interactions with other women in the bar (or wherever you may be) and make sure that the object of your affections can see you.

#6: Don’t put yourself under pressure

It’s a big mistake to go out with the sole aim of picking up girls. You’ll end up being more nervous when you talk to women because of the pressure you’ve put on yourself. Instead you should head out just aiming to have a good time. You’ll give off a great, high energy vibe, which in itself is attractive to women.

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