If you are dating, or thinking about your first moves, then wouldn’t you just love to know the secrets of those guys who are always a hit with the girls? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Read on and you’ll learn how to get a woman hooked on you with the simplest of steps.

Be a leader

This is all about projecting a sense of control over your own life. Most women want a strong man who is in control. Many believe this is because of nature telling women to look out for a man who can lead their future family: a hunter-gatherer. Women also want a guy who is not afraid to take action. Again, it comes down to evolution. When a female species selected a mating partner, she would inevitably gravitate towards the males who were a cut above the rest. Leadership works on various different levels, but the first thing that you can do right now is to decide to control your own destiny. Know what you want and go for it. And once you’re dating, be assertive, take decisions and stick to them. Start up conversations and be a great storyteller. All of this will confirm your status as a leader.

Be polite

Even women who fall for ‘bad boys’ will want to be shown some courtesy. And girls will appreciate it when you’re polite to everyone else, too. Being rude just makes you look angry or arrogant – two very unattractive qualities. A decent and attractive man behaves respectfully with everyone, not only with the woman he’s trying to impress.

Act intelligently

You want to act smart, but without being too geeky or pretentious. In a social situation, you want to be the type of guy who is quick-witted and knows the right thing to say. This skill isn’t that hard to develop. Put simply, it’s just about being able to engage a woman in a conversation that’s both emotional and logical. Just make sure you don’t venture into any weird or specialist topics as you’ll probably bore her to tears. Use your intelligence to make a connection and engage her in a lively discussion, and you’ve got it just right.

Know how to flirt successfully

Flirting is something of an art form. It can actually be quite subtle. Think about your body language and make sure that you are sending out signals that you’re a confident guy: think about your posture and your eye contact first and foremost. And the key to the best flirtatious conversations is to create genuine sexual tension. You do this by getting a fine balance between being friendly one minute, then aloof the next. The girl will be getting mixed signals about your intentions and every woman loves a challenge, so you’ve got her right where you want her.

Be yourself

No matter how good or average-looking you might be, you will instantly boost your attractiveness levels by simply being a great person to hang out with. Just be consistent and always truthful. Guys are prone to exaggeration or telling a few lies when they are dating but they nearly always get found out and it can ruin a great potential relationship.

If you follow all of this advice, you’ll be amazed at how many women become drawn to you. The men who are naturally charming and always seem to get the girls are simply following these unwritten rules.   And now you can become one of those lucky guys too!

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