Twelve years ago, at the age of 20, Paul Janka, author of Attraction Formula: Dating Technology for the Modern Man, was admittedly anything but «smooth» with women.  Although he does reveal that he had a few relationships that were «great,» he concedes that most of his pick up attempts with women felt awkward, and the rare few that did accept his pathetic advances did so mostly out of pity.   Most nights he ended up in bed alone, and feeling empty, he cursed himself for his timidity with women and for all the opportunities lost.

But one day Paul Janka’s prospects with women changed drastically for the better.   A friend of his from work, a «player» who was well known for his success with women, took him under his wing and began to show him the ropes.   It took some time (and many rejections) but eventually he began to «get it.»  Not only did he begin to learn how to approach, converse with and even seduce women he’d never met, more importantly he learned which common mistakes to avoid—mistakes that invariably led to an empty and lonely bed.

From this painstaking trial and error, Janka developed the Attraction Formula, and this simple program has since helped hundreds of men to overcome their awkwardness and land the woman (or women) of their dreams.   So successful is this program, in fact, that it has actually earned Janka the attention of media outlets such as the New York Post, Psychology Today and most recently, the Dr. Phil show.

As with any dilemma, the best solution approach is to first learn the correct formula for accomplishing the task, and with the Attraction Formula: Dating Technology for the Modern Man, that’s just what you can expect. The course features a step-by-step guide outlining specific, field-tested techniques necessary to mastering the art of picking up women.   Compiled after 12 years of trial and error, this simple course helps take the guess work out of approaching women, and instills you with the needed confidence to seal the deal.

Some of the Things You’ll Learn

How to make a great first impression and ensure you leave with a phone number.
What almost every guy does WRONG when it comes to meeting women.
The secrets that most «pickup artists» don’t want you to know.
How to handle rejection and bounce back quickly.
What to wear and what not to wear.
How to eliminate the anxiety you feel when approaching women.

That’s just a small sampling of what the course Attraction Formula: Dating Technology for the Modern Man has to offer.   Stop settling for rejection and perpetually lonely weekends.   Take the first step toward mastering the art of «pick up» and begin living the life you always knew you were destined for.