A Crash Course in Seduction, do not deny that the current state of affairs regarding seduction predominantly favors women, but they do wonder how it became that way. How is it that women seem to have all the benefits and power in that chance first meeting, and men are relegated to buying drinks, flashing money and making up ridiculous stories just hoping to score? The answer, they say, is very simple: We gave them that power. By following the advice of magazines, television and even music, we men have been tricked into believing that women will only respond to praise and gifts, while meanwhile they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Women are seldom attracted to a man who comes on like this—one who is so eager to please—but they usually play along with the charade for obvious reasons. Can you blame them? While you are making a fool of yourself and sacrificing your dignity they are reaping the benefits. Meanwhile, they continue to date that small percentage of men, commonly referred to as the «bad boys,» who treat them like dirt.   Why? Because deep down women are attracted to the same thing as men: They want excitement, fun and adventure and they refuse to believe they will find that in someone that fawns all over them.

How it Works

The key to the Paragon Project: A Crash Course in Seduction lies in nothing more than the ability to emit that aloof, «bad boy,» alpha-male essence without having to stoop to the miserable level of these so-called rebels. Believe it or not, you don’t have to act like a jerk to get the same success with women that they seem to have cornered the market on.

The Paragon Project: A Crash Course in Seduction will teach you how get «bad boy» results through a simple formula of attraction which relies solely on perception. Better yet, you won’t have to resort to the archaic and often expensive methods taught in other programs which seldom work. Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

How to create an aura and mystique that women are consistently drawn to
How to turn certain rejections into golden opportunities
How to escalate any relationship to the sexual level quickly
How to remain in control of every situation
The things to avoid in the attraction/seduction process
And more…

The Paragon Project:

A Crash Course in Seduction believes that the secret to attracting beautiful, successful women lies within each of us, but we have forgotten how to use it. We have become so convinced that pick up lines and shams are the only way to attract women that we have gotten away from our innate male essence.
Men who are successful with women are successful for a reason, yet sometimes they don’t even know what that reason is. This program helps to uncover that secret and teaches how any man can apply it with any woman he desires.