Martin Merrill, author of the program Make Women Laugh, offers a fresh perspective in the art of attracting women, one formulated after years of frustration. After spending countless hours and a small fortune buying dating books and attending seminars, he quickly discovered that most of what he read and heard about picking up beautiful women simply did not work. He found that most of the methods being taught—pick up lines, scripts, hypnosis, etc. —was useless in attracting women unless one also possessed the ability to Make Women Laugh.

How it Works

Unlike men, who predominantly think things through logically, women tend to react on a more emotional level. That being said, no emotion is stronger than happiness and enjoyment. We are trained to think that women will only be interested in us for our looks, money and so on, when what most women really want, especially in the initial encounter, is to have a good time.

Although most of the best-selling seduction programs stress how important it is to make women laugh, none of them go into detail on how to accomplish this feat or why it’s so important. Make Women Laugh changes all that, offering a simple step-by-step program that teaches the science of humor and how you can use it to attract women and keep them coming back for more.

Uncovered in the pages of Make Women Laugh are several sure-fire techniques for approaching women confidently, learning how to make her laugh, and the secret for keeping her laughing until she absolutely falls in love with you.

Key Features

Studies have shown that it is near impossible to dislike someone who continually makes you laugh, but sadly not everyone is naturally funny. With Make Women Laugh, however, that doesn’t matter.   Through years of research Merrill has taken the guess work out and has done the leg-work for you, showing you a scientific method guaranteed to make any woman laugh and increase your chances with her.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn with Make Women Laugh:

The most important difference between the average guy and the funny guy

The 4 basic types of women and how learning how to understand each and make them laugh can increase your chances of success

What an «inner game» is and how you can use it to your advantage

6 useful techniques to improve your body language and «humor consistency»

Key things to avoid when approaching women

14 basic human characters you can play which are guaranteed to make women fall for you

Why most pick up lines don’t work and what you can do to change that

How to take charge of the conversation

And much, much more

Make Women Laugh has sold thousands of copies and has helped countless men achieve what they couldn’t through traditional seduction and pick up methods. If you’re tired of the old psychology «hogwash» promising quick results that never seem to materialize, Make Women Laugh offers a fresh take to help you approach any woman and form an instant attraction.